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interMARINE 1-phase transformers are DNV GL type approved

interMARINE 1-phase transformers from range 50VA to 2400VA are now DNV GL type approved Read more »


StandexMeder Planar transformers and inductors now available!

Energy-efficiency and better performance for devices used in many commercial and industrial applications. Read more »


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We supply planar transformers made in USA by Standex-Meder Electronics. Products include planar transformers and planar inductors available in a variety of standard core sizes with custom configurations. Products has patented design with superior thermal management, high efficiency and easy installability.

Product codeProduct nameOutput currentWidthLengthHeightDatasheet
P025Planar transformer 20-50Wmax 2015.819.18.1
P035Planar transformer 20-150Wmax 2026.719.88.6
P055Planar transformer 50-200Wmax 2026.721.811.2
P075Planar transformer 100-500Wmax 203326.410.7
P110Planar transformer 150-700Wmax 2039.130.513.5
P135Planar transformer 300-1200Wmax 2043(43)32,1(40,6)15,7(21,3)
P220Planar transformer 1,0k-3,0kWmax 25052(52)40,6(45)16,6(22,4)
P350Planar transformer 2,0k-6,0kWmax 30074,2(74,5)51(62)22,9(28,7)
P560Planar transformer 3,0k-10kWmax 40088,8(72,8)64(74,9)27,3(33,8)
P900Planar transformer 10k-20kWmax 500110,6(125,1)83(118,1)35,6(56,5)
P1100Planar transformer 10k-30kWmax 60094144.837.5
SX40Planar transformer 180/360W23.321.29,8
SX55Planar transformer 350/700W302610.6
Product codeProduct nameWidthLengthHeightDatasheet
PQ20Planar Inductor 0,4-4,4µH22.621.76.7
PQ26Planar Inductor 1,0µH29.52713
PQ32Planar Inductor 0,9-6,0µH31.732.513-18
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