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interMARINE 1-phase transformers are DNV GL type approved

interMARINE 1-phase transformers from range 50VA to 2400VA are now DNV GL type approved Read more »


StandexMeder Planar transformers and inductors now available!

Energy-efficiency and better performance for devices used in many commercial and industrial applications. Read more »


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Marine & Offshore power transformers  

interMARINE power transformer products are high quality products manufactured by Polylux. Both standard and customised solutions are available on short notice directly from the manufacturer.


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Selection table
Product codePowerInput voltageOutput voltageIP classWidthLengthHeightWeight
TTKX20200003 x 400230IP00530310480164
TTKW20200003 x 400230IP23595415708176
TTKZ20200003 x 400230IP54/IP659395681149256
TTKX25250003 x 400230IP00740290580191
TTKW25250003 x 400230IP23789490865216
TTKZ25250003 x 400230IP54/IP659395681149299
TTKX31.5315003 x 400230IP00740310580234
TTKW31.5315003 x 400230IP23789490865259
TTKZ31.5315003 x 400230IP54/IP659395681149342
TTKX40400003 x 400230IP00740330580277
TTKW40400003 x 400230IP23789490865302
TTKZ40400003 x 400230IP54/IP6510227401477469
TTKX50500003 x 400230IP00780550880340
TTKW50500003 x 400230IP239646841252392
TTKZ50500003 x 400230IP54/IP6510227401477523
TTKX63630003 x 400230IP00780550880394
TTKW63630003 x 400230IP239646841252446
TTKZ63630003 x 400230IP54/IP6510227401477565
TTKX80800003 x 400230IP00780550880436
TTKW80800003 x 400230IP239646841252488
TTKZ80800003 x 400230IP54/IP6510227401477636
TTKX1001000003 x 400230IP00780550880507
TTKW1001000003 x 400230IP239646841252559
TTKZ1001000003 x 400230IP54/IP6510227401477657
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