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interMARINE 1-phase transformers are DNV GL type approved

interMARINE 1-phase transformers from range 50VA to 2400VA are now DNV GL type approved Read more »


StandexMeder Planar transformers and inductors now available!

Energy-efficiency and better performance for devices used in many commercial and industrial applications. Read more »


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1-phase Marine & Offshore transformers  

interMARINE 1-phase transformer product range includes Intertrafo's safety voltage and isolation transformers that are manufactured to endure even the harshest conditions. These products are better equipped to last in difficult conditions than our basic models. 

All products in this table can also be delivered cased and equipped according to the customer's needs.

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Selection table
Product codePowerIP classWidthLengthHeightWeightApprovalDatasheet
interMARINE 50VA 1-phase50IP0X6671840.98DNV GL TA
interMARINE 100VA 1-phase100IP0X8486991.8DNV GL TA
interMARINE 150VA 1-phase150IP0X8486992.4DNV GL TA
interMARINE 200VA 1-phase200IP0X961001023.5DNV GL TA
interMARINE 250VA 1-phase250IP0X120931224DNV GL TA
interMARINE 300VA 1-phase300IP0X1201041225DNV GL TA
interMARINE 400VA 1-phase400IP0X1201241226.6DNV GL TA
interMARINE 500VA 1-phase500IP0X1201241226.6DNV GL TA
interMARINE 630VA 1-phase630IP0X1501131477.4DNV GL TA
interMARINE 750VA 1-phase750IP0X1501301478DNV GL TA
interMARINE 800VA 1-phase800IP0X1501301609.6DNV GL TA
interMARINE 1kVA 1-phase1000IP0X15014316011.2DNV GL TA
interMARINE 1,6kVA 1-phase1600IP0X15015616012.8DNV GL TA
interMARINE 2,4kVA 1-phase2400P0XDNV GL TA
interMARINE 3000VA 1-phase3000IP0X24317730324
interMARINE 3,5kVA 1-phase3500IP0X241177303
interMARINE 4000VA 1-phase4000IP0X24317730329
interMARINE 4,5kVA 1-phase4500IP0X241177303
interMARINE 5000VA 1-phase5000IP0X24317730329
interMARINE 5,5kVA 1-phase5500IP0X241212303
interMARINE 6kVA 1-p horizont6000IP0X262322153
interMARINE 7kVA 1-p horizont7000IP0X262322168
interMARINE 7kVA 1-phase7000IP0X271177353
interMARINE 8kVA 1-phase8000IP0X271212353
interMARINE 9kVA 1-p horizont9000IP0X262322199
interMARINE 10kVA 1-phase10000IP0X271212353
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