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GE Tetra® PowerMax LED Module 

NEW GE Tetra® PowerMax 24V
GE Tetra® PowerMax
GE Tetra® PowerMax Product table


 Save money

The GE Tetra® LED lighting system saves you money Read more

Product codeProduct nameInput voltageIP classWidthLengthHeightColor TLumenLight opening anglePowerModSales packing
(Vdc)(mm)(mm)(mm)(K or nm)(lm/mod)(W/mod)(pcs/m)
GEPM2471-W1Tetra PowerMAX 24V 7100K24IP 6614,482,910,871001331700,9884,9
GEPM2450-W1Tetra PowerMAX 24V 5000K24IP 6614,482,910,850001331700,9884,9
GEPM2441-W1Tetra PowerMAX 24V 4100K24IP 6614,482,910,841001331700,9884,9
GEPM2432-W1Tetra PowerMAX 24V 3200K24IP 6614,482,910,832001201700,9884,9
GEPM71-2Tetra Power Max 7100K12IP 6681001871001301501,3256,1m/30 mod
GEPM50-2Tetra Power Max 5000K12IP 6681001850001301501,3256,1m/30 mod
GEPM41-2Tetra Power Max 4100K12IP 6681001841001021501,3256,1m/30 mod
GEPM32-2Tetra Power Max 3200K12IP 6681001832001021501,3256,1m/30 mod
GEPM71-2-CS1Tetra Power Max 7100K12IP 6681001871001331501,323,36,1m/30 mod
GEPM50-2-CS1Tetra Power Max 5000K12IP 6681001850001331501,323,36,1m/30 mod
GEPM41-2-CS1Tetra Power Max 4100K12IP 6681001841001201501,323,36,1m/30 mod
GEPM32-2-CS1Tetra Power Max 3200K12IP 6681001832001091501,323,36,1m/30 mod
GEPM71-W1Tetra Power Max Wet 7100K12IP 689,4011022,3571001331501,5056,1m/30 mod
GEPM50-W1Tetra Power Max Wet 5000K12IP 689,4011022,3550001331501,5056,1m/30 mod
GEPM41-W1Tetra Power Max Wet 4100K12IP 689,4011022,3541001201501,5056,1m/30 mod
GEPM32-W1Tetra Power Max Wet 3200K12IP 689,4011022,3532001091501,5056,1m/30 mod
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