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GE Tetra® Max LED module 

NEW GE Tetra® Max 24V
GE Tetra® Max
GE Tetra® Max Product table

With all new OptiLens™X and groundbreaking energy efficiency.

Tetra® MAX—the 24V remarkable LED  system designed for small channel letters  as shallow as 10cm in depth delivers  incredibly uniform light, installs easily and  operates efficiently. The Tetra® MAX is  now IP66 and UL wet rated which makes it more robust and reliable even under wet weather.

Powerful all new OptiLens™ X

Tetra® MAX features all new OptiLens™ X a new patented technology that allows for an incredible 170° viewing angle. The all new Tetra® MAX is your best option to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Power Supply Loading

The new 24V Tetra® MAX loading improves 45% from the previous 12V generation. Now load up to 26.5 m or 130 modules of product per GEPS24-100U-NA power supply.

Improved stroke spacing/ New Flow Channels

The new 24V Tetra® MAX stroke spacing has improved on average by 35% (Depth/Stroke Spacing 10,16cm/35,56cm; 12,7cm/43,18cm; 15,24cm/55,88cm), requiring less product, thanks to the new OptiLens™ X wide beam angle. In addition, its new silicone flow channels have increased bonding strength by 10-20%. 

Tetra MAX Features

  • Wide 170° beam angle
  • Improved luminous intensity
  • Efficacy: 161 lm/W
  • 24 Volt DC, Class 2 (UL), Class III (IEC)
  • UL Wet Rated & IP66- no separate enclosure is required
  • 5 years limited Warranty

Downloadable files


Installation manual

GE warranty information


The new and improved Tetra® MAX LED system for medium-sized illuminated advertisements with OptiLens™ feature. GE's patented technology maximises LED efficiency by capturing lost light and directing the light optimally on the lighted surface. The Tetra® MAX LED system produces bright and even light across wide surfaces and enables fewer LED modules to be used than previously. This creates clear savings to both advertisements manufacturers and their customers.


  • OptiLens™ produces bright and even light
  • Solid moulded design protects components from damage and humidity
  • Wiring that travels through the LED module and IDC connection technology ensure efficient draft regulation
  • Safe 12 VDC extra low voltage system
  • 5 year system warranty


  • Bright and even light production for medium-sized illuminated advertisements
  • The light appears even from up to 10 cm away
  • Easy to install due to prebored holes and industrial-grade double-sided installation tape
  • Does not contain lead, mercury or glass
  • Long life of up to 50,000 hours

 Technical data

  • Colours: red, red-orange, yellow, blue, green and white 7100K, 5000K, 4100K, 3200K
  • Available in 2 LED and 3 LED modules
  • 12 VDC system

Downloadable files

  • Datasheet


  • Installation manual


  • GE warranty information


Product codeProduct nameInput voltageIP classWidthLengthHeightColor TLumenLight opening anglePowerModSales packing
(Vdc)(mm)(mm)(mm)(K or nm)(lm/mod)(W/mod)(pcs/m)
GEMX2471-W1Tetra Max 24V24IP 6614,482,910,871001001700,734,9
GEMX2450-W1Tetra Max 24V24IP 6614,482,910,850001001700,734,9
GEMX2441-W1Tetra Max 24V24IP 6614,482,910,841001001700,734,9
GEMX2432-W1Tetra Max 24V24IP 6614,482,910,83200901700,734,9
GEMX71-2Tetra Max 7100K12IP 66865147100411500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMX50-2Tetra Max 5000K12IP 66865145000411500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMX41-2Tetra Max 4100K12IP 66865144100291500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMX32-2Tetra Max 3200K12IP 66865143200291500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXRD-1Tetra Max punainen12IP 6686514625nm141500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXBL-1Tetra Max sininen12IP 6686514467nm101500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXGL-1Tetra Max vihreä12IP 6686514530nm301500,486,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXPO-1Tetra Max oranssi12IP 6686514606nm131500,366,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXRC-1Tetra Max pun-oranssi12IP 6686514618nm121500,296,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXYG-1Tetra Max amber12IP 6686514589nm111500,546,66,1m/40 mod
GEMX71-W1Tetra Max Wet 7100K12IP 681071197100521500,466,66,1m/40 mod
GEMX50-W1Tetra Max Wet 5000K12IP 681071195000521500,466,6
GEMX41-W1Tetra Max Wet 4100K12IP 681071194100471500,466,6
GEMX32-W1Tetra Max Wet 3200K12IP 681071193200431500,466,6
GEMXRD-W1Tetra Max Wet punainen12IP 682923418625nm141500,486,6
GEMXBL-W1Tetra Max Wet sininen12IP 682923418467nm101500,486,6
GEMXGL-W1Tetra Max Wet vihreä12IP 682923418530nm281500,486,6
GEMXPO-W1Tetra Max Wet oranssi12IP 682923418606nm 131500,366,6
GEMXRC-W1Tetra Max Wet pun-oranssi12IP 682923418618nm121500,296,6
GEMXYG-W1Tetra Max Wet amber12IP 682923418589nm111500,546,6
GEMXH71-1Tetra Max HO 7100K12IP 66865147100641500,726,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXH50-1Tetra Max HO 5000K12IP 66865145000641500,726,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXH41-1Tetra Max HO 4100K12IP 66865144100511500,726,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXH32-1Tetra Max HO 3200K12IP 66865143200511500,726,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXHRD-1Tetra Max HO punainen12IP 6687814161500,416,66,1m/40 mod
GEMXH71-W1Tetra Max HO W 7100K12IP 6829234187100821500,856,6
GEMXH50-W1Tetra Max HO W 5000K12IP 6829234185000821500,856,6
GEMXH41-W1Tetra Max HO W 4100K12IP 6829234184100751500,856,6
GEMXH32-W1Tetra Max HO W 3200K12IP 6829234183200681500,856,6
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