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GE Tetra® LED Tape 

GE Tetra® LED Tape
GE Tetra® LED Tape Product table

 Flexible LED Solution for Signage Channel letters. Tetra® LED Tape for easy and quick installation, cutting labour costs. Designed for applications as shallow as 2.5 cm, including a self adhesive 3m backing tape ― which eliminates the need for screw attachments, can be cut every 5 cm, and has built -in electrical connectors that make easy assembly. Roll out the savings with this impressive GE solution.

Features and Benefits

  • 12VDC Low voltage system
  • Dimming function with dimming power supply
  • 4 colour temperatures + Red, Blue & Green
  • Standard and High output options
  • 120° Beam angle
  • Quick and simple installation using clamp-on connectors
  • Easy mounting with 3M self-adhesive back; no screw attachments
  • Can be cut every 5cm, for maximized efficiency
  • Built-in electrical connectors, no soldering of wires
  • 3-Year Warranty, 30,000 hours
  • IP54 for dry or damp conditions
  • IP66 with an enclosure

Shallow channel letter, backlit halo letter, routed acrylic block letter

Downloadable files

  • Product proschure


  •  Installation manual


Product codeProduct nameInput voltageIP classWidthLengthHeightColor TLumenLight opening anglePowerModSales packingWarranty
(Vdc)(mm)(mm)(mm)(K or nm)(lm/mod)(W/mod)(pcs/m)(Y)
GETP35-1Tetra LED Tape 3500K12IP 54849802.1835004231205,3/m604,98m/reel3
GETP40-1Tetra LED Tape 4000K12IP 54849802.1840004361205,3/m604,98m/reel3
GETP50-1Tetra LED Tape 5000K12IP 54849802.1850004361205,3/m604,98m/reel3
GETP60-1Tetra LED Tape 6000K12IP 54849802.1860004361205,3/m604,98m/reel3
GETPH35-1Tetra LED Tape HO 3500K12IP 54849802.18350098412010,8/m604,98m/reel3
GETPH40-1Tetra LED Tape HO 4000K12IP 54849802.184000101012010,8/m604,98m/reel3
GETPH50-1Tetra LED Tape HO 5000K12IP 54849802.185000101012010,8/m604,98m/reel3
GETPH60-1Tetra LED Tape HO 6000K12IP 54849802.186000101012010,8/m604,98m/reel3
GETPRD-1Tetra LED Tape Red12IP 54849802.18625nm1261204,12/m604,98m/reel3
GETPGL-1Tetra LED Tape Green12IP 54849802.18520nm2301202,82/m604,98m/reel3
GETPBL-1Tetra LED Tape Blue12IP 54849802.18460nm691205,3/m604,98m/reel3
GETPLCN54-1Lead Connector10 per bag
GETPJCN54-1Jumper Connector10 per bag
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