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GE Tetra® PowerMax HO LED Module

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Just new OptiLens ™ X with technology and groundbreaking energy efficiency

Tetra® PowerMAX HO—The new 24V LED system is designed for small letters. Gives incredibly smooth light up to 10cm depth. The LED is easy to install and works very efficiently. Tetra® PowerMAX HO is now IP66 rated and UL rated, making it more durable and reliable with moist air.

Powerful brand new OptiLens ™ X

Uusi Tetra® PowerMAX HO Includes a brand new patented OptiLens ™ X technology that provides an incredible 170 ° light angle. Uusi Tetra® PowerMAX HO is your best choice for a significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Power supply load

New 24V Tetra® PowerMAX HO the loadability is improved by 128% compared to the previous 12V generation. Now you can connect up to 19.5 m or 64 modules to the GEPS24-100U-NA power supply.

Enhanced Layout / New Light Channels

Uuden 24V Tetra® PowerMAX HO:The layout has been improved by 35% (depth / spacing 10cm / 35.5cm; 12.7cm / 43.18cm; 15.2cm / 55.88cm), thanks to the wider OptiLens ™ X technology, less modules are required. In addition, its new silicone flow channels improve the bonding strength by 10-20%

Tetra PowerMAX HO 24V features

  • Wide 170 ° light angle
  • Improved light intensity
  • Efficiency: 150 lm / W
  • 24 Volt DC, Class 2 (UL), Class III (IEC)
  • UL humidity & IP66 – no separate enclosure required
  • 5 year limited warranty

The Tetra® PowerMAX LED illumination system combines the power of bright white light with unparalleled light uniformity on the illuminated surface. The product is specially designed for large light advertising. Light advertising manufacturers will benefit from the easy installation and efficiency of the product. Their customers, on the other hand, benefit from a very long lifetime and high-end energy efficiency, not to mention the complete reliability that only GE can offer.


  • The OptiLens ™ technology produces a wide angle of light opening and uniform light
  • The enclosed design protects components from damage and moisture
  • Wiring through the LED module and IDC connection technology ensure the best strain relief
  • Safe 24VDC low voltage system
  • 5 year system warranty


  • Bright and steady light output in big light ads
  • Suitable for light advertisements that are more than one meter high and more than 10 cm deep
  • Easy installation thanks to pre-drilled holes and industrial double-sided installation tape
  • Does not contain lead, mercury or glass
  • Long, up to 50,000 hours of life

Technical information

  • Color temperatures 7100K, 5000K, 4100K, 3200K
  • 24VDC System

Brochure: SIGN17—Tetra—24V—PowerMaxHO

Installation: SIGN168-GE-Signage-Tetra-PowerMax-Installation-Guide_tcm201-120544

GE warranty: SIGN102-GE-LED-Sign-Lighting-Warranty_tcm201-64024

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