Led signage lighting

GE Select TX GEN 2

The new and improved Select TX product range offers a solution that requires letters of different sizes.

Available in four different sizes and two color options to suit different purposes.


  • Wide 165 ° light angle
  • Durable mechanics protection components damage
  • 12 VDC low voltage system
  • 5 year limited warranty


  • Clear, steady light output
  • Works in narrow, small, medium, and capital letters
  • Easy installation thanks to pre-drilled holes and industrial double-sided installation tape
  • Modular constant current technology ensures that the brightness from the first module to the last remains the same
  • Long-lived. Operating time 50,000 hours

Technical information

  • Colors: 6500K, red, blue, (green coming)
  • 12VDC system

Product brochure: SIGN222—Select-12V-Lighting-LED-System-Generation-2

Installation manual: SIGN215-GE-Select-GEN2-Installation-Guide

GE warranty: SIGN102-GE-LED-Sign-Lighting-Warranty

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