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Intertrafo is the official importer of GE. In addition to Finland, our agreement includes Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We store GE’s LED products in Turku, we deliver our orders from our warehouse to our customers with a short delivery time.


In 1879, Thomas Alva Edison invented, or rather developed, the first functioning incandescent lamp and patented it. The invention completely revolutionized the present world: it was no longer human to be in the dark, but he could illuminate effectively what ever, whenever and wherever, darkness was no longer a constraint. In the year following the invention, Edison established Edison General Electric Company, now known as The General Electric Company (GE).
As an invention, the incandescent bulb was by no means a coincidence, but a result of long-term research and development As the inventor himself has once stated, “Nerous is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent sweating.” Since its establishment, this idea has been at the forefront of GE’s determined and uncompromising development of innovative, advanced and high-quality products. GE is now one of the largest companies in the world and has thousands of technical patents.

Tetra® LED Light System

Since its foundation, GE’s photometric expertise has been ahead of its time. It was already in 1962 when GE launched the first usable LED. Now more than four decades later and with the skills and experience of thousands of “sweated” development hours, GE’s LED technical expertise is still ahead of others and is being imitated by others.

Tetra® LED Lighting System products are advanced and represent the industry’s absolute top. Their design and manufacture is based on high quality and efficiency, starting from the smallest components. GE LED Chips are manufactured with high precision and carefully tested before the final product is selected, only the best ones are selected. OptiLens ™ lens technology maximizes LED performance and distributes light evenly and optimally to your subject. The high-quality, die-cast modular design protects the LEDs from bumps, dirt and moisture, and drives the heat produced by the LEDs. Strict quality standards deliver a product with minimal energy consumption and maximum light output and reliability.

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