Intertrafo - Transform your electricity with us

Intertrafo designs and manufactures transformers, inductors, power supply units, adapters as well as assemblies of these components

 In addition to a wide range of standard products, we offer customer-specific products for customized solutions.

What is transformer?

A transformer is made up of primary and secondary coils as well as a core. The coils of a transformer are usually enamel-insulated copper or aluminium. A traditional transformer is assembled around an iron core made from transformer plates.

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Wide range of standard products


Our diverse range of transformers covers standard products optimized for different uses and requirements, as well as individual products designed according to customer needs.

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Power Supplies

Our extensive range includes standard model switching power supply units as well as customer-specific models and combinations of linear and switching power supply units with varying AC and DC secondary voltages. Product range includes also chargers, inverters and DC-DC converters.

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Led signage lighting

The interLED product range includes professional high quality leds for illuminated advertisements, led accessories and led power supply units

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Intertrafo Oy will merge to Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy

Intertrafo Oy will merge to Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy. Merge will be dissolved without liquidation proceedings, and all assets and liabilities will be transferred to Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy who is 100 % owner of …

Merry Christmas and Successful New Year 2023!

We want to thank all our clients and partners for the past year. Merry Christmas and Successful New Year 2023!

We are participating in the Sähkö Valo Tele Av fair 2022

Soon we will be able to network again! We are participating in the largest professional event in the Nordic countries, Sähkö Valo Tele Av-fair 7.−9.9.2022! Come and visit our stand B 441 and …



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