Customer specific products

We offer customer-specific products

Customized and innovative solutions for customers needs

This is how we produce a customer-tailored product from an offer to a finished product

Step one. Formulation of the offer

We deliver the best solution cost-effectively based on a request for inquiry.

Step two. Product design

At the design stage, we design the circuit diagram and mechanics, as well as select the appropriate components. When designing a product, we are in close contact with the customer to ensure the desired end result. As specialists in the field, we add value through our own expertise in order to find the best solution.

Step three. Prototype development

At the product development stage, the features and final cost of the product can be most influenced. We manufacture a prototype that is carefully tested and sent to the customer for approval.

Step four. Manufacture and delivery of the finished product

After the prototype has been approved, the product moves on to manufacturing and customer deliveries.

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