Intertrafo is a genuinely Finnish transformer manufacturer with extensive experience and specialised know-how

Intertrafo designs and manufactures transformers, inductors, power supply units, adapters as well as assemblies of these components

Our solid expertise enables innovative products and deliveries optimized for the customer’s specific needs

We are the only company in Finland that manufactures sensitive and precision-demanging audio transformers

Our specialised know-how is also manifested in medical transformers with strict safety standards as well as railway and marine industrial products designed for extreme conditions. In addition to a wide range of standard products, a large part of our production comes from customer-specific products. Our products are known for their innovation, meticulous workmanship as well as neatly finished detailing and appearance.

We deliver products globally

We operate in the international market and, with the help of our partners, manufacture products that meet the customer’s requirements competitively. Our customer base consists mainly of companies in the electricity and electronic sector as well as construction industries.

We are part of Tampereen Sähköpalvelu, Addtech Group

With the acquisition, the range of inductive products expands, which means more diverse service for our customers.

Addtech consists of approximately 140 independent subsidiaries. This means that decisions on the companies’ operations are made close to their market areas. Addtech combines the flexibility, individuality and efficiency of a small business with the resources, networks and long-termism of a large corporation.

Foundation of our operation

High quality products

We offer long-term and high-quality products and solutions for customers’ needs.

Innovative solutions

Our special expertise enables innovative products optimized for the customer’s specific needs.

Customer-oriented service

We design and develop products in cooperation with our customers and we are closely involved in the product development processes.

Supply chain management

We cooperate with reliable suppliers and subcontractors and take into account the required environmental requirements. The continuous reassessment of our operations makes production more efficient and improves product quality.

Flexible and professional production

Our flexible and professional production enables efficient manufacturing and fast deliveries of products.

Our 1-phase interMARINE transformers are DNV type approved

An indication of the high quality and reliability our 1-phase InterMARINE transformers are DNV type approved.

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