StandexMeder Planar transformers and inductors now available!

Today, there is an increasing demand of energy-efficiency and better performance for devices used in many commercial and industrial applications. They must be able to function at a high efficiency and be as small as possible. This is a challenging combination, and a lot is required from the components used in these applications.

Compared to traditional laminated core transformers, StandexMeder Planar transformers are ideal for the above power electronics solutions where the device is tuned for extreme conditions and temperature control must be as efficient as possible. The heat from Planar transformers can be led out directly into the frame or into a cooling elements using a thermal contact, which eliminates the need for traditional air cooling. This enables us to build transformers that are both efficient and suitable for small spaces.

Planar transformers are manufactured and optimised for each application on a case-by-case basis, but there are also some standard products available. StandexMeder Planar transformers have a wide power range, from 10 W to up to 30 kW. Ask our sales team for a solution that not only saves space, time and costs but is also tailored to the needs of your company and products. Your expert is StandexMeder.

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