About transformers

Common structures

The Packer

The package transformer is the most common transformer structure. Its windings are usually wrapped in a plastic coil frame or similar support structure. The coil is then recorded in a shape with a cut of steel and the plates are fastened to each other with the help of either welding or bolts and support irons. Isolation between primary and secondary opule can be achieved with a tape or double-edged coil frame.

The packing transformer is not The purpose of the castration is to prevent corrosion of the transformer deck, the formation of sound from the plates and the movement of coil wires. Ready-made Transformers can be encapsulated in the enclosure classes required by the installation environment.

ITR 709012Use:

  • AC Adapter and device transformer
  • Security isolating transformer and protection voltage Transformer
  • A spare-connected transformer (e.g. engine speed control)
  • Control Voltage Transformer
  • Audiotransformer
  • Drawing Transformer

Ring-Heart Transformer

The ring-heart transformer is a transformer with a heart made of steel alloy. The heart is isolated by plastic cups or epoxy, after which the windings turn directly over the transformer heart. The insulation between the windings is usually carried out with a plastic foil in the ribbon.
The ring-heart transformer is effective in relation to its volume and has low losses. When connected, it takes a high switching power from the entering network. As a structure, it is always more expensive than a comparable power pack.

Ferrite Transformer

The heart of the ferrite transformer is the pressed heart of the powders produced from ferritic materials. Windings in the plastic coil frame. Ferriite transformers are used in electronics applications at high frequencies (kHz to GHz).

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